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 rfDisplay for Windows Mobile

How to install

rfDisplay for Windows Mobile is compatible with version WM 5, WM6.x. You need to install .Net framework Compact 2.0 at least.

Copy cab file on your device and install it.

How to configure

Run rfDisplay application, Press the screen to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode. Press settings and enter the IP address where is installed your game (rFactor, rFactor2, Codemasters F1 20xx or rfDisplayServer test application). Choose your rotation left or right, no rotation is not implemented yet. If you want to changer the port used, don't forget to modify also the port in rfdisplay.ini on your PC.If you are connected with cable and activeSync or windows mobile application on windows 7, the IP adress is


                                  wm     wm

                                  wm       wm

                                  wm       wm


How to use

You must disable data connexion and connect your smartphone by wifi or cable. Don't forget to install rfDisplay plugin in your game. When rfDisplay is configured, run your game, once your game is started press start button on your smartphone, if all is ok, you will see image below.