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 rfDisplay for Codemasters F1 20xx series Download page

How to install

You need to install .NET 4.5 to use rfDisplay.

In your folder My Documents/My Games/Formulaone20xx/hardwaresettings/ modify your "hardware_settings_config.xml" like this.

Change dbox by and for extradata 0 by 1.

motion enabled="true" ip="" port="20777" delay="1" extradata="1">.

Unzip content of the zip file downloaded. Copy rfdisplayF120xx.exe and rfdisplay.ini from "codemasters" folder wherever you want.

How to configure

Click on "Config" button. Edit your settings. Port 6000 is the default value for rfDisplay mobile application. You can change the LED setting without close the game.

Check your firewall to autorize rfDisplayF120xx.exe to use network and port 6000.

How to use

Run rfDisplayF120xx.exe, led client connected is off. Run rfDisplay on your smartphone, click "START". If the connction is ok the led client connected change to green. Start your game and enjoy.


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